Seguin deputy police chief one of many heroes to save those injured in Las Vegas shooting

Through the act of pure evil, Seguin Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure was one of the heroes. He shared with us how he ran through gunfire to save those around him during the Las Vegas mass shooting despite being injured in the process.

Seguin Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure is back home from Las Vegas after surviving the mass shooting on Sunday night.

Ure is being described as a hero. The 32-year law enforcement veteran quickly jumped in action as gunfire erupted at the Route 91 Harvest festival.

"My thoughts were I wasn't going to make it. A lot of us we're going to die that night," said Ure.

Ure, who sustained a minor injury to his hand, helped carry wounded victims to help.

He flagged down a car on the Las Vegas strip and traveled with people injured to the hospital. Ure had just received tourniquet-training and used it to keep the victims from bleeding out from their wounds.

Through the pure evil, Ure says he saw the good in "ordinary" people.

"It was amazing. I still get choked up over it because seeing people, helping ordinary people they didn't even know and it's not like helping them across the street, these people are bleeding so bad that the grass in the 20x30 area looks sprayed painted red," he said.

Ure said he will be taking a day off in order to process and reflect on everything that happened. He said he will be back in Seguin by the end of the week.

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