Shocking ways drugs are smuggled across the border

(Photo: TDCJ)

Drug traffickers will find any way to smuggle drugs into the United States.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA, Wendell Campbell, "What we've seen is drug trafficking organizations, independent drug trafficking organizations working with cartels in Mexico using a variety of methods to bring in drugs into the United States."

Many times these traffickers use cover loads to bring drugs like meth, cocaine or heroin here.

The DEA has the responsibility of intercepting and apprehending them, but the traffickers are always finding creative ways to hide the drugs.

"What we've seen is like for example when a product is brought in and let's say they use bananas or pineapples as a cover load once the truck gets to San Antonio. It'll go to a warehouse where maybe the 300 kg of cocaine is separated. At that time though it will be distributed with another hundred kilos going to one trafficking sale, going to maybe Georgia. Another sale will come in and take another hundred kilos to New York and the other will take another hundred kilos to Chicago for example" says Campbell.

But food isn't the only method of concealment.

"Probably some of the most current ways, we've seen have been gas tanks and so forth as well as batteries where half the battery will be having maybe 2 pounds of heroin in the bottom of it, the upper half of the battery for example will be a functioning working battery and have just enough juice in it to start the vehicle but help them go from where they are with their battery and vehicle to get the load delivered and so it's ever a creative process," say's Campbell.

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