Southwest Football players allegedly investigated for cocaine use during half-time


SAN ANTONIO - The mother of one Southwest High School football player says her son was unfairly accused of being a drug dealer.

The drug investigation was launched after five Southwest High School football players were accused of using cocaine in the locker room during half-time.

Jessica Reyes became angry when she says the investigation shifted toward her son.

"This is my son's senior year they've already smeared his name in the dirt," Reyes said.

Jessica Reyes says the damage to her son's self-esteem has already been done.

He was among five Southwest High School football players accused of using cocaine during half-time, when the team took on Legacy .

Reyes says four star players were cleared the same day all five players were placed on in-school suspension, but not her son.

He was removed from the team when she says school leaders accused him of drug dealing.

"He was the one providing the drugs, he was the drug dealer," Reyes explained. "He was the one that was handing it out to all the football players during the second half of the Legacy football game."

It's a claim she denies, and one she says sent her son into a state of depression.

"To see him at night crying in his room with no lights on and questioning why." Reyes said. "I didn't have no answers for my son."

She believes the blame was placed on her son because he wasn't considered a star athlete.

"Because he didn't get playtime, he never really played," Reyes explained. "It was easy for them to remove ((beep)) off the team."

In a statement the district spokeswoman Janice Carpio-Hernandez said, "All reported allegations are investigated and when substantiated appropriate administrative action is taken."

"My son felt like he didn't matter," Reyes said.

Reyes shared audio recordings of the meeting with school leaders clearing her son.

We didn't air it but it shows a thorough investigation revealed no evidence of drugs in the locker room.

Therefore Reyes says her son was re-instated on the football team.

"I feel like they attacked my family because of the investigation," Reyes said.

Her son was cleared of wrong-doing two days into the investigation, but she says his name was the only one left off the team roster shirt released two weeks later.

"Everybody at school is wearing this shirt all the parents have this shirt they cannot fix this," Reyes said.

Reyes believes her son's name was left off as a form of punishment despite him being cleared by the investigation.

The Southwest spokeswoman says due to privacy laws the district cannot disclose details of any student investigation.

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