Special Investigators dedicated to finding missing foster children

Special Investigators dedicated to finding missing foster children

SAN ANTONIO -- Right now in Bexar County alone there are nearly 40 children in foster care who are currently missing.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has Special Investigators focused on tracking down missing youth.

"We want them to be safe, not out there by themselves not knowing where they're gonna get their next meal, where they're gonna lay their head, you know, and if they are engaged in behaviors just to survive, " said Special Investigator Linda Tayor-Hill.

The Special Investigators with DFPS are all former law enforcement officers. Taylor-Hill is a former officer with the San Antonio Police Department.

"I start calling those people, I'm gonna go knock on their door, I park in front of your house until you come out that door, I'm going to find my child, " Taylor-Hill went on to say.

Craig Jones, a former criminal investigator with the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office just joined the state agency several months ago.

"As soon as we know that they're either missing or have runaway, we do everything that we can to get them back, " said Jones.

Some of the foster children may be missing for days, or sometimes even months.

These investigators know first hand how quickly a missing child case can potentially take a turn for the worst.

"It's a vicious circle, and then those kids end up being abused and trafficked, " said Taylor-Hill.

It was just last Thursday the San Antonio Police Department arrested a 34 year old man and charged him with human trafficking of a minor.

According to SAPD the victim was a teen girl who'd been missing.

While we don't know of the child victim was in foster care, police say she's safe.

Making sure a child is safe is something these investigators want for those children still out there.

"If you can make a difference in that child's life that's all you could ask for, " added Taylor-Hill.

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