Spurs fan holding Kawhi face and snake emoji posters nearly ejected

Spurs fan holding signs nearly ejected from game

A San Antonio Spurs fan is being recognized nationwide for his heckling during Thursday’s game against the Toronto Raptors.

Before the game even started, Jacob Lorensy says he was almost ejected for taunting Toronto players.

"I noticed Greg Monroe,” said Lorensy. “I was like dang, Greg Monroe is still in the league? He turned around and was like, you came to watch us. I was like, I didn't come to watch you, I didn't know you were playing. That’s when the usher came around and said one more, and you're out of here."

Lorensy claims that the quick incident with Monroe led to him receiving an official warning card from the NBA. The card warned Lorensy that he would be kicked out from the arena if his “verbal abuse” continued.

"They gave me the card pretty fast,” said Lorensy. “I was pretty quiet the rest of the game. I just let the signs do the talking.”

Throughout the game Lorensy proudly held 2 signs. One sign was the face of former controversial Spur Kawhi Leonard. The other, was an enlarged snake emoji.

"He's shaky,” said Lorensy, referring to Leonard. “We don't know what to expect from the guy. He'll kill you though."

Lorensy’s signs were shown throughout the televised game. Jacob believes that some players even noticed.

"It was getting under the whole Raptor’s bench,” said Lorensy.

The Spurs beat the Raptors 125-107 on Thursday.

Lorensy says that he hopes to frame the warning card he received from the NBA, Also, Lorensy plans to return with the signs when Kawhi plays in San Antonio again.

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