Strangers organize search for baby King Jay Davila

King Jay Davila.jpg

SAN ANTONIO - The desperate search for missing 8-month-old King Jay Davila continues.

On Wednesday, strangers who organized on Facebook, came together around a common goal.

"To reach as many people as we can,” said Jasmine Covarrubias.

Jasmine and Stacey are two of dozens of people around San Antonio, motivated by emotions to help search for King Davila.

"It's affected my sleep patterns,” said Stacey Smith. “It's affected my job performance. It's hard to work and focus on that, knowing that there's an innocent child out there that's missing."

Armed with flyers, Jasmine and Stacey met strangers on Wednesday to spread the message about the missing baby.

"A lot of locals are coming together, and they're now calling Baby King their baby,” said Covarrubias. “So they're like, this is our baby, and it's our mission to locate him."

A vigil is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday at Monterrey Park, to pray for King Davila. Pastor Jimmy Robles, from Last Chance Ministries, is going to lead the prayer.

"Someone has to know something,” said Pastor Robles. “The more people know about it, the more people come together. If it takes us, the community, to come together and be that voice, so let it be."

Thousands of flyers were handed out on Wednesday inviting people to the public vigil. The flyer included a picture of King Davila.

"This is the best way that we can show police, and the family, that we do care,” said Smith.

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