Street 2 Feet: Disabled man running 26.2 miles this weekend

Street 2 Feet

Thousands of runners are expected to run in the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon this weekend, including Beeville’s own Louis Johnson.

“I’m running and I live,” said Johnson. “I love what I do.”

Throughout the past few years, Johnson has been running. Now, with help from Street 2 Feet, he’s signed up for a full marathon, and all of its 26.2 miles.

"I've changed completely compared to in the past,” said Johnson. “Now, I'm so excited.”

Louis was found by the non-profit 2 years ago. He had been living in a San Antonio group home for the disabled, battling health complications and the loss of loved ones.

"All of the stress, and everything when my mom passed away, plus my dog, it was kind of hard for me,” Johnson told us.

A park police officer, told Louis about Street 2 Feet, and ever since then he’s been running for a better life. Eventually signing up for 5k and 10 races, before finally finding a sponsor for this weekend’s full marathon.

It's been a long, hard fought road for Louis, with lots of hills. However, now he has his own apartment, and is on his way to getting a medal.

"You can't do this; you can't do that. They tried to put me down,” said Johnson. “But look at me now. I'm running, and I’m doing a marathon.”

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