Student from John Jay fight speaks out

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SAN ANTONIO - One week after a fight was posted online from near John Jay high school, and one of the participants is speaking out.

“I had to get three stitches,” said Joseph Johnson Jr.

As seen on video, the fight took place in a parking lot right next to the high school.

"I felt like she was going to hit me somewhere, and it was going to be an artery, and I was going to bleed out,” Johnson said. “Nobody was going to be there to help me, nobody. Kids would have just sat there and recorded me die."

The 18-year-old claims he had been getting books out of his car during the school day. Johnson said that’s when a woman approached him.

"She opened the car door and got out with a knife,” Johnson said.

At one point someone in the video mentions the woman with a knife. Moments later Johnson jumped on and through her car.

"After she popped my tires, I went and jumped on her vehicle,” Johnson said. “That's where I was wrong, I understand that. The fact that she's a woman, and she came at me for my life, doesn't change the fact she was trying to kill me."

Police say the 18-year-old was arrested for felony criminal mischief, while the woman faces the same charge as a misdemeanor. Joseph said he was also kicked out of school.

“I might not be able to go to school, college," Johnson said. “That's all I want. I want my education. That's legitimately it."

As we first reported, this was one of many fights at or near John Jay High School posted online within the last month.

"They need to be safe at school,” said Joseph Johnson Sr., the 18-year-old’s father. “Not for a grown woman to go up there and try and kill him."

“If somebody wanted to come and actually cause harm to the school and everybody in general, they could just walk in the front door and do it,” said the 18-year-old. “I've seen it happen, I mean it happened to me."

Northside ISD provided the statement below regarding the incident.

“NISD remains committed to ensuring student and staff safety at Jay HS and every other campus. The recent incidents that have taken place off campus are being addressed by local law enforcement. The District and campus have cooperated fully with the San Antonio Police Department in an effort to address these incidents. To continue that cooperative effort, the NISD Police Department and the SAPD will be meeting to review these incidents and to ensure that they are addressed quickly and appropriately.”

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