Students take home assembled bikes as Christmas gifts in Earn-A-Bike event

(SBG San Antonio photo)

About 100 students gathered to participate the the Earn-A-Bike event Saturday afternoon.

The San Antonio Earn-A-Bike Co-op partnered with Google Fiber and Roy Cisneros Elementary to teach the students how to patch a tire, properly wear a helmet, took a safe cycling class and learned about proper nutrition habits. In addition, the students were taught how to assemble their bikes -- which they later got to take home as Christmas gifts.

"The Earn-A-Bike Program empowers youth through skills sharing, we show our participants that they can accomplish their goals with a little effort and some elbow grease. The program promotes personal responsibility, achievement and self-empowerment, and you get a new bike", says Cristian Sandoval Co-founder and president of Earn-A-Bike Co-op.

All of the students went home with a new set of skills, a new bike, helmet, lights, and bike lock.

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