Students teach seniors technology


ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas - Students at a local middle school have come up with an innovative way to give back to the community.

They've started a program that shows senior citizens the wonders of technology.

Darian Trotter watched as students became teachers.

When school lets out, students at Alamo Heights Junior School are excited.

Not because they're headed home, but because a small group of them are headed to an area nursing home.

Jean O'Brien said, "I believe the residents every week are very excited. They wait for us."

Every Thursday an enthusiastic group of students gets together for a program called "Cyber Seniors."

"To open up a whole new world for them to teach them about internet and what's out there," O'Brien said.

It's a chance to teach seniors at Alamo Heights Health and Rehabilitation technology; any and everything about computers and tablets.

"These people have probably never touched a computer or iPad or anything I'm not sure why but they never did," student Aaron Villanueva said.

Student Andrea Olague said, "And some people are afraid play the games, and I'm like you can do it."

Seniors love it, not only because they're learning new skills, but they look forward to their weekly visitors.

"This is now their home so they don't have much to look forward to other than possibly dinner or the Sunday visit from their family," O'Brien said. So every week they know on Thursdays we're going to be coming."

Students love it because it gives them a sense of purpose and a chance to give back.

Villanueva said, "On my first day I cried. Trotter asked, Why? Because I was emotionally moved by it," he replied.

Fox San Antonio watched as residents got one on one instructions on everything from creating photo galleries to learning how to take selfies.

It's a program with a purpose, and here students are the teachers.

Olague said, "I feel like a teacher to others and I feel so proud of myself like showing others like helping."

Organizers at Alamo Heights Junior School are now challenging other schools to start similar programs at nursing homes across San Antonio.

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