Suspects arrested, facing capital murder charges in deadly SW Side shooting

SBG San Antonio

Police have now arrested two suspects in connection with a deadly Southwest Side shooting.

A spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department said officers with their Repeat Offender Program and Street Crimes Unit arrested 24-year-old Joseph Alvarado around 10 a.m. Thursday for the murder of 21-year-old Tarik Ross.

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Ross was shot multiple times while inside his car on Sherry Drive on Tuesday, March 6th He passed away the next day.

A second suspect, 21-year-old Raeshawn Woodard, was also arrested Thursday morning in connection with the murder. Both Alvarado and Woodard have been charged with capital murder.

Police say a Crime Stoppers tip helped lead investigators to the suspects in the case.

Ross had driven to the location with his girlfriend and their 2-year-old child to carry out some sort of transactions. An arrest affidavit states that when they arrived, one of two men in a white Cadillac got out of that car, walked over the Ross' vehicle, got into the back seat, and then pulled a gun on Ross' girlfriend. Police say when Ross put his vehicle into reverse, the man jumped out of the car and opened fire on the vehicle, striking Ross in the head and body. The man then ran back to The woman and child were not injured.

Investigators examined Ross' cell phone and were able to determine he had text messaged someone named "Dre." Police say "Dre" was using a phone assigned to James Christain Berg, who lives with a Drevonte King at an address near the scene of the shooting.

The arrest affidavit stataes Berg and King were both shot on March 8th by an individual who wanted to confront King for setting him up to be robbed. When confronted by detectives about their possible involvement in Ross' murder, police say they both provided statements about what took place.

Berg and King said three men committed the murder. Berg and King said the three men were going to meet Ross, steal his money and marijuana, and split it with Berg and King. Both claimed they did not know the three men were going to shoot Ross but did know they had guns.

Although Berg claimed he did not know the men, King was able to provide information about Woodard. When police went to Woodard's address, they found the white Cadillac parked outside.

A police spokesperson said they anticipate more arrests in the case.

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