Sutherland Springs shooting survivor has a special Christmas request

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SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - A 9-year-old survivor of the Sutherland Springs church shooting has a Christmas request.

Christmas this year for Rihanna Tristan, 9, will be unimaginably tough.

"She was still just crying telling us that her mom and sisters had been shot and her mama wouldn't talk to her anymore," said Bob Lookingbill, her grandfater.

Her mother and two sisters were killed in the Sutherland Springs church shooting. Her 5-year-old brother, Ryland, is still in the hospital recovering from five gunshot wounds.

The third grader witnesses the horror that unfolded that day.

"Since then, shes been remembering a little bit everyday," Lookingbill said.

The young survivor was reportedly shielded by her mother.

"Her daddy and her uncle got a phone call," Lookingbill. "She called as soon as it happened and they got there picking her up, getting her out of there before anybody, any responders showed up."

Since then Rihanna has been by her brother's side in the hospital he's received thousands of cards and gifts from across the country.

"One of her comments was I guess I don't count anymore because no one is spending me any cards," Lookingbill said.

So he's sharing Rihanna's request.

"She doesn't need toys, she doesn't need food, clothes, getting a card just thrills her to death," Lookingbill said.

She's just asking for cards for Christmas.

"You know, that's like hey, you know, we you love you and we're here for you," Lookingbill said.

You can make Rihanna's Christmas wish come true by sending Rihanna a card to 13965 Ladd Road, Atascosa, Texas, 78002.

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