Synthetic drug K2 plaguing Denver Heights on the East Side


SAN ANTONIO - A synthetic drug problem is plaguing an East Side neighborhood.

Neighbors there are dealing with effects of "K2."

Local law enforcement and city leaders are aware of the problem they say is difficult for police.

"Walking down the street all of a sudden they just fall down," said Gilbert Remirez.

Gilbert Remirez has seen them all around his Denver Heights neighborhood on the East Side.

People strung out on K2.

People he calls the walking dead.

"They're like flying around acting like they're flying it's funny but I'm concerned about it," Remirez said.

Concerned because the synthetic drug affects users both physically and mentally.

Remirez is on the lookout to protect his family.

He's even called police and paramedics on several occasions.

"They would sit right there on the curb and smoke their thing and I use to go out there and run them off. Go smoke your stuff somewhere else," Remirez said.

In a statement District 2 Councilman William Cruz shaw says "Our community should remain vigilant. He's confident sapd will continue working to eradicate our neighborhoods of this synthetic drug, but they need your help."

"It can be deadly."

Ronnie Achterberg tests for drug and alcohol use at Compliance Marketing Inc.

He says K2 is still being sold legally because how it's made is constantly being changed.

"They'll change the chemical make-up, they'll change a couple of compounds in there, it's not the same stuff and they ship it out and it's back on the shelf again," Achterberg said. Reporter Darian Trotter asked, "Legally? Legally on the shelf," Achterberg said.

He believes the longer synthetic drugs are around the more dangerous they'll become.

"You don't know what chemicals they've changed so it could be more deadly than the one they've just taken off the shelf," Achterberg said.

San Antonio Police have increased patrols in the area and they're keeping watch.

If you know, about synthetic drugs being sold in your neighborhood you're asked to contact

your SAFFE Officer.

Click here to find out which SAFFE Officer Services your area.

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