'Take down the North Star Mall boots' Facebook group causes controversy

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Since 1980, a pair of boots has stood about 40 feet above drivers on Loop 410. Over the years the pair of boots has become a landmark for many in the San Antonio area.

In late November, two San Antonio natives created a Facebook page called, “Take down the North Star Mall boots.”

"Do we allow this group to get offended every time they drive by?” asked Christian Lee referring to those against the North Start Mall boots. “Or, do we let all of these people get hurt that love the boots, if they’re taken down?”

Christian Lee and Kyle Render tell us it all started out as a social media experiment.

“Nobody reads anymore,” said Render. “They see an event. They get mad at the title, or they get happy about the title. They say they’re going, they share it, and that’s it. That’s how social media works now. No one reads.”

To prove their point, Lee and Render created this event regarding the possible removal of the North Start Mall boots. However, they tell us they’re surprised how big the event became.

“Everyone lives in this society, where they want to be a part of a movement,” said Kyle Render. “But they don't always know what the movement is.”

Hundreds of people are now a part of the discussion, many of them sharing their thoughts on what should happen to the North Star Mall boots. Although the group creators tell us there aren’t any plans to remove the boots, their page has started a movement of its own. People have been posting to the page, describing what they think should happen to the boots.

As of Tuesday evening, more than 120 people had RSVP’d for an event at the boots Wednesday evening. According to the page, participants will then caravan to City Hall.

"Some people are actually saying they’ll be there,” said Render. “That scares me. What are they going to do? What are they coming with?"

All of this attention, for what Render described as a social media experiment.

“Some want them gone, others don't,” said Lee referring to the boots. “I'd prefer that they stay.”

“Save the boots,” said Render.

“But no one is trying to take down the boots?” we responded.

“We are, or we were,” Render told us.

“But you’re also trying to save the boots?” we questioned.

“Absolutely,” said Render.

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