Teen beaten and robbed on camera

Teen beaten and robbed on camera

SAN ANTONIO, TX - A teenager is beaten and robbed and it's all caught on camera.

His mother in unimaginable pain tonight, demanding the attackers to turn themselves in.

It's a video that's hard to watch for Silvia Escobedo.

Her son, at the bottom of the pile of fists that's landing on top of him.

The beating sent the 14-year-old to hospital with a broken nose and a concussion.

It's not just class he's missing.

"He can't even play freshman football the way he wanted to," Escobedo said. "And me as his Mom, I can't even be there like I wanted him to."

Escobedo said they beat him to get his designer accessories.

Off camera, the teen told us he was lured to the backyard of a house by a teen he considered a friend.

"He was like a piece of meat and these dogs just beat him," Escobedo said.

She wants justice.

"I will do anything in my power to make sure these guys get treated the way my son was treated," Escobedo said.


SAPD is investigating the video.

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