Shotgun-toting Texas mom to burglars: 'I am locked and loaded'

Rifle-toting Texas mom to burglars: 'I am locked and loaded'

An angry Texas mother took to social media with a stern warning after facing off with a would-be burglar in her own home.

In a video viewed thousands of times on social media, the woman says "to the kid who broke into my home tonight, I'm not sure if you know what this is, but I am locked and loaded."

Maria Luce says she knows her luck was both good and bad as she walked up just as the burglar was walking in.

"They opened the door, all in black and a mask, step in my home, see me and turn and run," Luce said. "Had it been two seconds earlier, he would have been upstairs with my children."

Luce has a strong hunch as to what the burglar wanted - pricey Kayne West shoes called "Yeezys," which her son sells and trades online. He had posted a new pair on social media just before the break-in.

"Nobody should have the right just to walk into your house like this because they know you have something that you own and got legally and they want to take it illegally," Mark Toney, Luce's husband said.

Luce told the would-be burglar "you won't do it again. We will find you. Don't mess with my home."

As for storming social media with her outrage, Luce says that was simply maternal instinct.

"You come for me, I'm protecting my children."

McKinney police say they are investigating.

The protective mom says her surveillance cameras captured everything and the burglar also left fingerprints behind.

Watch the video here:

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