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Thief steals personal information belonging to dozens of children

Team gets personal information stolen.PNG
Team gets personal information stolen.PNG
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SAN ANTONIO - The reality is identity theft can happen to anyone, but children are 51 times more likely to become victims than adults.

That reality sunk in for an entire youth football team who had their identities stolen in just one grab.

“Take a book of kids stuff in it,” said a concerned parent.

On a gloomy day, David Moreno delivers some bad news

Parents of 30 Texas Toros football players hearing it for the first time.

“Their identities are gone,” said a concerned mother.

A thief shattered coach Moreno’s truck window in the parking lot of a Chopsticks on loop 410.

Stealing a binder containing registration money and the birth certificates and id's of all 30 players.

“All we want is our boys book back their id's their paperwork,” said Coach Moreno.

The team is a part of the “Greater San Antonio American youth football league”.

The league requires coaches to keep a record of player’s personal information for safety reasons.

Now that it's all gone the entire group worries about identity fraud.

“It's not nice to do things like steal and stuff we just don't want you to steal our identities,” said Sever Saldana.

While not knowing what's next for the team or their identities the group is praying for the return of the binder, no questions asked.

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“Nobody has to know anything just drop it off somewhere,” said Moreno.

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