Thieves breaking into cars, stealing rims at San Antonio luxury apartment complex

(Courtesy photo)

Residents in a luxury apartment complex on the Northwest Side said they have been repeated victims of thieves stealing rims and breaking into cars.

This is happening almost on a weekly basis, residents at the Abbey at Dominion Crossing said. Thieves are making their way past a remote operated gate into a parking structure to steal cars and rims.

A black car had its rims stolen earlier this week, it was found on blocks. Minnie Chen, a resident at the complex, said this type of theft happens about once a week at the Abbey at Dominion Crossing.

“I thought moving to the Dominion area it would be safer and the reason why we picked it is because the parking garage thinking it would be more secure having to get inside,” Chen said.

Apartment complex management shared images of what appeared to be teenagers sneaking into the parking structure and stealing a Honda about a week ago.

It’s not just rims but cars have been broken into and even motorcycles taken as well. People who live here have been posting on social media that not enough is being done to keep their cars safe.

“We thought it was a one time thing when that person‘s truck got chopped up with all the rims and tires taken [a few months ago] but it’s just been consistent so now we are just fearful," Chen said.

The apartment's leasing office said every time there's a theft or a break-in, the victim files a police report and give any available video to detectives. The complex hired a security guard this summer to work the front gate at night.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, there have been 7 calls for service for cars either being broken into or stolen at the apartment complex since the beginning of the year.

Four of those calls were made within the past couple weeks.

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