Thieves steal car, damage and dump it near Highway 90

Thieves steal car, damage and dump it near Highway 90.JPG

SAN ANTONIO- A busted trunk, scratched and dented doors are what's left after thieves got away with Camilla Sauceda's car.

“The side of the car I guess they side swiped something and kind of dented up the side,” Sauceda said.

The incident was all caught on camera in a neighborhood off Lantana Bend near West Military Drive.

“They took everything out of my car,” Sauceda said.

Surveillance video captured suspects breaking into Sauceda's mom's car. She said the thieves took her spare key out of her mom's car and got away.

“All 3 of them took off and got in the car and left,” Sauceda said.

Later that day Sauceda’s brother took to social media hoping someone saw something.

She said it was several hours later when her car was found dumped and damaged nearly 7 miles away from her home.

“When he saw the post that morning he was like oh hey that car is right in front of my house and that's how we found it,” Sauceda said.

In the past 3 months there have been 6 car thefts and 13 car burglaries within a mile radius from where Sauceda's car was taken.

Despite the damage she's left with, she said she is thankful to have her car back but still wants the suspects in the video to be caught.

“To receive punishment at least something just so that they know this isn't acceptable they just can't get away with something like this,” Sauceda said.

If you have any information on this case, contact police at 210-207-7273.

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