Thieves targeting day cares to steal from parents

Thieves targeting day cares

Thieves appear to be targeting child care centers to steal money from customers.

"Most criminals, their job is to take from us that work hard,” said Helen Lafitte from the Schertz Police Department.

Since January, officials with Schertz PD tell us they’ve responded to 4 car burglaries all outside of day cares.

Alysia Wayne says she had her purse stolen, while she dropped off her 5-year-old for day care. She claims she was only inside for a few minutes, but when she returned her purse was gone.

“My entire purse, wallet, I had checkbooks in there,” said Alysia. “My entire life I think was in that purse."

We exclusively obtained surveillance videos that show 2 possible burglaries take place outside of Schertz area child cares.

In both instances, police believe a black GMC Yukon was used.

Whoever is responsible parked in empty spaces next to unsuspecting victims, before driving away seconds later.

“10 to 15 seconds, and all of your belongings, identifiable information, are gone,” said Lafitte."

Officials say victims of this crime of opportunity have been leaving their vehicle unlocked, with a purse sitting on a passenger seat.

Then, when parents are inside a child care facility to check-in their kid, the crime takes place right outside.

"Why didn't you lock your car?” we asked Alysia. “I guess because it's early in the morning. I'm in and out very quickly"

Alysia posted about her stolen purse on Facebook after it happened. She tells us other women messaged her, claiming that it has happened in other areas surrounding San Antonio as well.

“A couple of places in Stone Oak, a couple of places in Universal City,” said Wayne. “Women have reached out to me saying they've experienced this.”

Police recommend locking your car doors anytime you leave your vehicle. Also, hide any valuables to make sure they’re out of sight.

If you have any information you’re urged to call authorities right away.

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