Three San Antonio officers suspended for not helping woman later struck by train

In honor of National Dog Day, meet members of SAPD's K-9 Unit.

SAN ANTONIO - Three San Antonio police department officers were suspended for not helping a woman who was drunk and unresponsive back in October. The woman was later hit and killed by a train that night.

Sarah Carrasco, Steven Garcia and Michael Pullen are serving suspensions for failing "to protect the life of an individual who was intoxicated to the point of being unresponsive. Despite observing obvious signs of the individual's intoxicated state, (the officers) failed to assist her and left her at the location (4429 Walzem Rd.). Officers were later dispatched a short distance away (4500 Walzem Rd.), in which the same individual had been struck and killed by a train."

Sierra Barber, 23, was passed out on the tracks when she was struck and killed by an oncoming train. She was out celebrating at a local bar earlier that night. Her boyfriend was assaulted outside of the bar according to a Facebook post. He was taken to a local hospital, while she was left behind

Carrasco was issued a indefinite suspension Feb. 7, 2018 but later agreed to a 90 day suspension without pay beginning March 17 through June 14. She will be placed on administrative duty until Chief William McManus determines she has successfully completed all her training, classes and programs during her suspension.

Garcia faces a 20 day suspension without pay, while Pullen will be suspended eight days with pay.

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