Three year old dies from drowning at learn to swim center


SAN ANTONIO - Parents were surprised to find the doors at this swim school locked Sunday.

Mitchell Chang, 3, died after drowning Saturday night at the Love to Swim School. Chang was rushed to North Baptist Children's Hospital after being found face down in a pool and unresponsive.

There were no classes in session Sunday.

Police performed CPR and worked to stabilize the boy until EMS arrived.

It all happened during a parent’s night out event at the Love to Swim location along Stone Oak Parkway near Evans Road.

Shawn Bearor's 6-year-old has taken lessons here for the past three years, he says events like these are usually pretty laidback.

"Status quo you know your normal agenda your pizza your swimming your horseplay." Bearor said.

After hearing what happened at his son's swim school, Bearor says he's unsure what to think.

"I don't know the circumstances or the nature of it but obviously it was accidental but it is still a pretty serious oversight, how that could happen in a relatively small pool that I’m concerned." Bearor said.

I reached out today to this school for a statement, but the school said they have no additional information or comment at this time.

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