Trump accusations spark new conversations about sexual violence


SAN ANTONIO -- Donald Trump is in the middle of another firestorm. While accusations against him make national headlines, they are also

creating local reactions.

Several women across the nation have come forward accusing Trump of inappropriate touching and unwanted kissing.

"These vicious claims about me on inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false," said Trump.

The comments and women’s stories are triggering others to share their own stories.

"Our partner organizations are calling us, letting us know that they too are receiving crisis calls about this case. That people are being triggered because of what's going on with the Donald Trump issues," said Miriam Elizondo, with the Rape Crisis Center.

Elizondo says people tend to speak up when others open up about their own stories, especially on a national spotlight.

"The positive side of that is it's causing tons of conversations that need to happen," Elizondo added.

Currently the Rape Crisis Center is about a day away from returning back to a counseling waiting list.

Elizondo went on to say when the Bill Cosby allegations came out, the Rape Crisis Center also saw more people reaching out.

The reality, experts say, is when it comes to reporting a sexual assault, Texas is below the national average.

"So that national average is 20 percent of cases are reported, in Texas 9.6 percent of cases are reported," said Elizondo.

While others will speak up, it may take them years to do so.

"It's not too late to seek support and help, and that's why we exist."

The Rape Crisis Center offers free counseling services, including a 24-hour crisis intervention hotline. You can call (210) 349-7273 if you need assistance.

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