Witness says murder victim was duct-taped, beaten to death with wooden boards

Rashad Ladson was found dead along Rittiman Road Sunday.

Two men were arrested and charged with murder Thursday afternoon for their involvement in beating a man to death with wooden boards, according to an arrest affidavit.

Edward Hudson, 39, and Edward Grant, 33, were charged for allegedly killing Rashad Ladson, 30, Sunday on Rittiman Road. Ladson's body was found near a fence line in a field with high grass. Officers discovered abrasions on his torso and massive blunt force trauma to his head that looked like it was caused by the edge of a wooden board.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner ruled the case a homicide after reporting blunt force injuries as the cause of Ladson's death. All of his injuries were localized to his head and consistent with a person being beaten to the death, the medical examiner report.

A witness told police Ladson came to the homeless camp, saying he was going to "break yourselves," meaning he was attempting to rob them. Several men took away his gun and began assaulting him with wooden boards, the witness said. Ladson was tied up with duct tape while the witness estimates he was assaulted for two hours. He remained alive, the witness said, until he was eventually hit in the head with a 4x4 board and died. Ladson was untied and dragged to the location where he was eventually found by officers.

Another witness said he was walking on Rittiman when his friend asked if he wanted to a see a body. The witness saw Ladson tied up on the floor with duct tape, but he was already dead at the time.

Nine people participated in Ladson's assault, a witness said.

Hudson and Grant face a charge for murder, a first-degree felony.

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