Two more arrested in Medina County meth bust


Deputies have arrested two more people in connection with a meth bust involving students in Medina County.

The total number of arrests is now up to three. Medina County deputies arrested Donald Sigler, 37, at a home in the 300 block of Davis Avenue in Devine late Thursday afternoon. Sheriff Randy Brown said it’s not the first time deputies have come across Sigler, who was previously arrested on narcotics charges.

“We took a dealer of a dealer off the street,” Brown said.

Deputies arrested 18-year old Paul Anthony Juarez, Jr. Wednesday. He’s accused of selling meth to students in Medina County.

Brown said the drugs were sold at three schools in the area. School officials assisted with the investigation.

“Because if it wasn’t for them working with us we wouldn’t be where we’re at right now,” Brown said.

Investigators found meth and a few stolen items during a search warrant at a home on Davis Avenue. Brown said he sticks behind a warning he sent out to drug dealers.

“If you mess with our kids and our schools then we will hunt you down and we will kick your door of the hinges and we will drag you to jail,” Brown said.

Deputies also arrested Mary Corona, 53. Charges for Sigler and Corona are pending.

Deputies expect to make even more arrests in the case.

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