Two 18-wheeler drivers killed in crash near Natalia

    (SBG San Antonio)

    MEDINA COUNTY, Texas -- The Natalia Police Department is investigating what led to a double fatal crash near Natalia Thursday night.

    Police chief Gilbert Rodriguez said officers received a call for a major accident at about 5:30 p.m. at I-35 and exit 126. Officers learned that an 18-wheeler traveling southbound went across the median and struck another 18-wheeler traveling northbound head-on. Another truck was also struck in the process.

    Both of the 18-wheeler drivers died at the scene. The third driver was uninjured. No other injuries were reported.

    "This is the worst [crash]. My law enforcement career has extended over 30 years and this is the worst case scenario I've seen in my whole career," Rodriguez said.

    The highway was closed down for several hours. The deceased drivers have not been identified. They've only been described as men, one from Austin and the other from the Laredo area.

    The crash remains under investigation.

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