Two SAFD members added to memorial wall during solemn tribute

Two SAFD members added to memorial wall during solemn tribute

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two San Antonio Fire Department fire fighters were honored during a national ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Every year, the International Association of Fire Fighters holds a memorial to sketch names of fallen fire fighters onto a memorial wall. Dozens of SAFD members made the trip to witness the solemn tribute to two of their own.

“We have a great brotherhood,” Retired SAFD member Bobby Bustos said. “It’s a somber occasion, but I’ll come every time one of our members gets put on the wall.”

Lt. Todd “Woody” Woodcock and Danny Vera were added to the wall. Both of the men passed away from cancer in 2016.

During the memorial, a name was read and then two bells rang to signify the start of duty and the end of duty. The families were then handed a folded IAFF flag to honor their loved ones’ sacrifice.

"Woody was that guy that everyone loved. I never met a person that didn't like him,” Chrystal Woodcock, Woody’s wife, said.

Woody served 18 years with SAFD until he lost his battle with leukemia last year.

"I know that he is honored as well to see the outpouring of love especially from out the San Antonio Fire Department family to see so many come up and honor him and Danny,” Chrystal said.

“We’re so blessed with our brotherhood and sisterhood from San Antonio. They haven't left us since Danny passed and this just shows us they're an amazing, amazing group,” Veronica Vera, Danny’s wife, said.

The IAFF will add Scott Deem’s name to the memorial next yar. Deem died in a fire in May.

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