Uvalde Mayor sends letter to White House regarding Williamson-Dickie

(Photo cortesy: MGM)

UVALDE, Texas - Thursday, 156 Williamson-Dickie employees were notified of their pending release and shutting down of the plant at the end of 2018.

Late Thursday night, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr., responded with a letter directly to President Donald Trump and the White House.

In the letter, he addresses the closure of the plant as well as the plans VF Workwear has for the future of the plant. Those plans are to move the location of manufacturing to Mexico and Honduras.

According to the mayor, Vice President of VF Workwear Joe Raines said the government is one of the largest uniform buyers in the United States.

McLauglin Jr., also included the notice from Williamson-Dickie in the email, with a list of the jobs affected by the closing. The first separation will be October 9, 2018.

Letter from Mayor McLaughlin Jr.

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