Victim's mother speaks out after gang violence arrests

Gang violence arrests

Since July Cyntwanisha Whitley has been desperately hoping for answers. Her 4-year-old son De Earlvion was killed from a drive by shooting in July, he had been home asleep at the time.

"I miss my son,” said Whitley. “I miss coming home, and that smile."

This afternoon Whitley’s husband, Earl Whitley Junior, was arrested along with 8 other people. On Friday the San Antonio Police Department, the FBI, and DPS agents say they targeted people for crime and violence on the east side. In total 10 have been placed in jail since Wednesday.

"He has the past history of gang violence,” said Cyntwanisha referring to her husband. “But the man that I know from 2014, from when he came home, that's not that man. That's not that gang violence man."

Authorities believe the shooting that killed the Whitley’s son, was the result of retaliation between rival gangs.

"I want justice, that's just plain and simple,” said Whitley. “If that means both sides, from whoever goes down on both sides, so be it."

The exact connection between this week’s arrests, and De Earlvion’s death remains unknown. However, some are hopeful it's the beginning of curbing violence along east side streets.

"Do you think they arrested the right people today?” we asked Whitley. “I wouldn't say they arrested the right people,” said Cyntwanisha. “I would say they're getting to where they need to be, to find out where it started at.”

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