Jury acquits man who was accused of giving toddlers an STD

Vigil (SBG photo)

Adrian Vigil was found not guilty Friday of super aggravated sexual assault charges stemming from two young girls contracting gonorrhea three years ago.

A jury in Felony Impact Court reached its decision after more than seven hours of deliberations spread over two days.

Defense attorney David Woodard had argued the case against Vigil was based on assumptions.

“You can’t guess a person into a guilty verdict,” he told the jury at closing, citing a lack of evidence by the prosecution. “You don’t have any proof that he did that. You don’t have a confession. What you have is reasonable doubt.”

But prosecutor Steve Speir cited the testimony of 18 witnesses, “Transmission by sexual abuse is supported by the evidence,” he had told the jury. “This is a case of process of elimination.”

The girls, ages 1 and 3, tested positive for gonorrhea in October of 2015, although testimony showed they were born without the infection. Vigil tested positive for gonorrhea at the time the girls were infected.

Had Vigil, who did not take the stand, been found guilty, he would have faced a 25-year to life sentence.

Woodard said Vigil was relieved at the not guilty verdict.

"He gets a chance to go home. He’s been in custody for about 2 years," Woodard said. "He gets to go back to his family and try to start over.”

Restoring his reputation after facing aggravated sexual assault charges will not be easy for Vigil, Woodard said. “It’s going to be tough. There is always going to be a cloud over his head. He needs to try to find a way to put it past him and move forward.”

Meanwhile, the girls' mother expressed dismay with the verdict. "I know the justice system failed us," she said.

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