Vision Zero plans improvements as vehicle pedestrian incidents rise

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A mission unsuccessful so far with more pedestrians being hit by cars in San Antonio streets.

The most happening on two stretches of road on Fredericksburg and Culebra.

District 5 City Council Representative Shirley Gonzales says improvements are in the works to protect pedestrians.

"We really need a complete redesign of those streets, that's just the reality,” said Gonzales,

“We've been doing some small fixes, some additional signaling we've done z crossings both on Fredericksburg and Culebra but it's really not enough."

Gonzales has also noticed a troubling trend.

"The areas that are the most poor also have the most numbers of pedestrian fatalities.” Gonzales said. "They also have the lowest PCI score or pavement condition index..."

And vision zero may have found the funds to build a safer street and turn the trend right back around.

"In our 2017 bond program we have over 450 million dollars in in street improvements,” said Gonzales, "While the trend this year has not been positive for Vision Zero I do believe the incremental investment we are making over time will reduce that trend."

Moving forward Vision Zero's focus is on educating drivers and pedestrians on safety, as well as focusing on first and last mile solutions, the walk to and from transit stops which usually require crossing a busy street.

In a statement, TCI explained their commitment to pedestrian safety.

“The City believes that even one death, or injury, is too many. The Vision Zero Initiative is working with federal, state and local partners to continue to address safety concerns on San Antonio roadways. We believe the key to success is a combined approach using five essential elements for a safe transportation system that include education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement and evaluation. We are pleased that funding for Vision Zero is included in the City’s proposed FY 2019 Budget.

The annual funding provided in the budget allows us to implement several projects and community outreach in the next year.

The City's Transportation and Capital Improvements department is also working with the Texas Department of Transportation to propose improvements for Perrin Beitel Road and Enrique M. Barrera Parkway.

Those improvements are funded through the voter approved 2017 bond.

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