Volunteers bring warmth to the homeless

    Volunteers from Gonzaba Medical Group distribute blankets and warm clothing near downtown.

    SAN ANTONIO - As San Antonio experiences bitterly cold temperatures, local homeless shelters have been at capacity the past couple nights.

    Volunteers across the city are busy making sure everyone has a chance to get in from the cold.

    Tuesday night, the Salvation Army set up its mobile feeding unit at the corner of West Houston Street and North Frio Street just west of downtown.

    There we saw a long line of people getting warm with hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup.

    Right next to the canteen, volunteers from Gonzaba Medical Group passed out blankets, gloves, and other warm clothes.

    "It might be the first warm meal that they've had in days perhaps," said Brad Mayhar of the Salvation Army. "So to be able to provide that for them and just a little temporary happiness, it feels good."

    The Salvation Army has also opened up the lobbies of two of its shelters to be used as warming stations 24 hours a day.

    We're told nearly three hundred people slept in these shelters Monday night, with even more people expected for Tuesday night.

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