Volunteers give back to SAPD detective hit by alleged drunk driver

    Volunteers take measurements to install a wheelchair ramp at the home of SAPD detective Carol Ryan, who was injured after being hit by an alleged drunk driver. (SBG Photo)<p>{/p}

    A team of volunteers are doing what they can to help an SAPD detective get back on her feet after a terrible accident.

    Aside from beating the heat the goal is simple.

    "Trying to make things a little bit easier for her,” said Bryan Griffin, a retired SAPD officer of 27 years.

    "We're going to build a ramp onto her porch,” said Rina Grona, president of Hero Watch.

    The ramp is for Carol Ryan, a detective with SAPD.

    She was hit by an alleged drunk driver while directing traffic for a separate fatal crash back on April 29.

    It was just before 8 pm. Ryan was in the far left lane of Loop 410.

    Ryan then noticed a pickup barreling right at her.

    "I had already had a plan that if something like that happened I would head toward the guardrail," said Ryan.

    She made a break for the median.

    "We met at the same time at the guardrail,” said Ryan. “I went flying. I was told that I was thrown about 80 feet."

    Ryan broke all the major bones in her left foot. Her right wrist was broken in three places

    Ryan is recovering, but slowly.

    She can't put any weight on her foot, keeping her from what she wants to do most

    “Her passion is police work,” said Grona. “But her other passion is animals."

    Ryan lives on 20 acres in Floresville in order to help animals she rescues.

    She takes care of horses, dogs, goats and alpacas.

    “It's been hard for her because she can't physically take care of them right now," said Grona.

    A local business donated a golf cart so Ryan can go and check on the animals.

    Volunteers are coming out to help her feed the animals every day.

    “The amount of support and help that's been coming out I don't even have words for what it makes me feel,” said Ryan.

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