Volunteers transform school into emergency shelter

    Volunteers learn how to set up cots for an emergency shelter. The cots need to be a certain space apart from each other to accommodate the 100 people any one shelter may need to house at once.<p>{/p}

    Last year during Hurricane Harvey the American Red Cross hosted more than three thousand people in San Antonio, Texas as a part of relief efforts, right now community members are bringing out their best by preparing for the worst.

    Marco Bandera has helped in more disaster relief events than most.

    "Probably over 20 times of different disasters throughout the country.” Bandera said.

    And has seen some of the biggest in our countries history.

    "Katrina, Harvey, tornadoes in San Pedro we had a vector are we've never had in 20 years." Bandera said.

    Today the community preparing for the worst by practicing with the best, setting up an emergency disaster shelter.

    Libby Castillo with the American Red Cross said the training at John Marshall High School will prepare volunteers for the real deal,

    "These are shelters Red Cross set up across the country to make sure people have a safe place to go if disaster strikes their area." Castillo said.

    Volunteers learned it's the simple things that can save you in an emergency by practicing everything from unloading cots, to setting up a full-fledged feeding station for people who haven’t eaten in hours, maybe even days.

    "Last year we learned during Hurricane Harvey our community came out in droves to help and what we learned then is we need to have these trainings beforehand so we have a set of volunteers who are trained and ready to go.” Castillo said,

    Ready for a moment Banda said could happen any time.

    "San Antonio is always subject to be flooded, Everybody is subject to be affected by a disaster, so we want everyone to have the right knowledge to respond." Banda said.

    You can volunteer for the American Red Cross by going to www.redcross.org/volunteer or by calling the San Antonio Red Cross at 210-224-5151

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