Warrick: “I think I probably just had too many drinks”

A city councilman up for re-election is walking back on a claim he was drugged at a downtown bar earlier this week.

SAN ANTONIO – A city councilman up for re-election is walking back on a claim he was drugged at a downtown bar earlier this week.

District 2 Councilman Alan Warrick says he and four or five friends were celebrating a birthday at a downtown basement bar Thursday night.

He ended up at city hall, with no recollection of how he got there, and originally claimed someone may have slipped something into his drink.

Warrick believes it may have been done by someone to embarrass him politically.

On Saturday, Warrick went over surveillance footage with the bar owner.

“I asked him to review the videos and he reviewed them and has [sic] not seen any indication that any drugging occurred,” said Warrick. “So I think I probably just had too many drinks."

He says the bar owner called for an Uber to give him a ride home.

"I just didn't make it home so I must've stopped along the way and gone on foot," said Warrick.

A security guard woke Warrick up on a bench next to his city hall parking spot around six the Friday morning.

"It's something I take full responsibility for,” said Warrick. “My actions are my own and I don't blame anyone else for what I did."

Warrick is currently in a runoff election for his district two seat against William “Cruz” Shaw.

Shaw chose to not go on camera but his campaign manager said in a statement:

“His allegation of political dirty tricks is absurd. This is not some TV melodrama This is real life, and District 2 is a community with real needs. Councilman Warrick has absolutely failed to meet those needs. Clearly, he is troubled. He should withdraw from this race and get the help he needs.” – Greg Jefferson, campaign spokesman

Warrick would not respond to the statement but says he's ready to focus that's needed in district two.

“I do not have a problem with alcohol but I am going to stay away from the bar and party scene for the foreseeable future," said Warrick.

The district two councilman posted an apology on his Facebook page Saturday night, saying he's never had this type of memory lapse with alcohol use and says he will never let this happen again.

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