Westside neighborhood fed up with crime

Westside neighborhood fed up with crime. (SBG Photo)

WESTSIDE - Burglaries, fighting and even shootings, that's the type of crime police said a neighborhood on the Westside is dealing with.

It's happening on Mira Vista and Morning Sun on the city's westside.

Councilwoman Ana Sandoval is going door to door in the neighborhood.

Leaving a flyer for a safety summit concerning the neighborhood they live in.

Or talking to residents about their experience in the area.

SAFFE Officer Nathan Rodriguez has heard them too.

"Yes we actually talked to a couple of people in the area and they told us during the night time hours, they've been hearing fights and such," Rodriguez said.

He's been patrolling this area for more than four years.

"This area has seen a little bit of everything, petty thefts, robberies to shootings, all the way up to homicides," Rodriguez said.

SAPD's SAFFE is increasing presence in the area.


Councilwoman Sandoval's safety summit is on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 9 AM at the Gilbert Garza Community Center.

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