White woman who posed as black uninvited from Dreamweek San Antonio event

FILE - In this July 24, 2009, file photo, Rachel Dolezal, a leader of the Human Rights Education Institute, stands in front of a mural she painted at the institute's offices in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Dolezal tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper for a story published online Feb. 25, 2017, that she can't find a job and she is near homelessness. Dolezal stepped down from her post as the leader of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP in 2015 amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black. (AP Photo/Nicholas K. Geranios, File)

SAN ANTONIO - Rachel Dolezal, the woman who claimed to be black despite her white-European ancestry, will not be appearing at a Dreamweek San Antonio event Sunday.

Dreamweek is showing the documentary, The Rachel Divide, this Sunday at Alamo Drafthouse, but says they uninvited her following a petition.

Shokare Nakpodia, the founder of Dreamweek, says they removed her because they didn't want her presence to overshadow the 117 other events they have.

They do plan to still air the documentary and have a panel discussion after.

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