Widespread effects of shutdown apparent, community stepping up to help


SAN ANTONIO - People throughout San Antonio have been stepping up to help those affected by the government shutdown.

Northside Independent School District is offering seasonal or temporary work at the district to federal employees.

"We've created a special application for individuals who are temporarily furloughed so that they can apply and we're going to work to fast-track that application to get these into a position," said Barry Perez, NISD Executive Director of Communications.

The district will expedite the hiring process to get the affected federal employees a paycheck as soon as possible.

"By fast track, what I mean is if you're a federal employee, you've already gone through the required background checks that we would require as a district, that certainly is one way we can fast track the application process," said Perez.

So far, Perez says, one applicant has been taken through the process and found placement in a district position.

He says the human resource department has "fielded numerous inquiries and they look forward to on boarding many impacted government personnel in the coming days."

For more information on the job listings, click here.

The shutdown is not only affecting government employees, but those who receive federal services like financial aid.

Sean Carson, a sophomore at Northwest Vista College, says he and other students are facing delays on getting student loan funds during the shutdown.

"When I checked my financial aid status, it said that my grant, my federal grant, was at zero dollars," said Carson.

Carson says he was in jeopardy of being dropped from his spring classes so he had to pay over $2,000 out of pocket.

"If you do not meet the deadline, they will automatically kick you out of your classes. I was stressed out. It's been really hard but I'm just glad the classes are not going to be dropped," said Carson.

Northwest Vista College has provided information to their students who may be affected by the shutdown. You can access that by clicking here.

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