Woman arrested after four of her kids allegedly tested positive for meth

Woman arrested after four of her kids allegedly tested positive for meth. Credit: KFOX

A Las Cruces mother of eight is behind bars after four of her eight children, including a 1-year old, tested positive for methamphetamine.

Child Protective Services removed eight children from their home on Stull Drive.

According to police reports, 32-year old Luanna Miranda was taken into custody after four of her children tested positive for meth.

Police said Child Protective Services were concerned that the children weren’t being taken care of.

Neighbors we spoke with say the children were hardly ever supervised.

“We kinda suspected because the kids were running all over the place and basically the smallest child was not even about a year old and she was just neglected,” Michelle Favela.

Child protective services reported that living conditions at the weren’t sanitary.

During a home visit, they found trash, dirty diapers, and animal feces throughout the house.

“Basically it was atrocious. Those kids were not sent to school. One of the kids was one of my daughter's classmates at Conlee Elementary, she basically didn’t care,” neighbor Michelle Favela said.

In the report, police said all four children tested positive for the highest cutoff score of meth found in their system.

The kids' ages range from 1 to 8 years old.

Another neighbor said that her younger brothers played with the kids and that she worried when they referenced drugs.

“They were here and they would tell them, they say let’s do drugs or something and they would cause so much problems with my brothers,” Kania Alonso.

Neighbors said the family has already moved out of the home.

The children are in custody of child protective services.

Miranda is being held without bond and the Doña Ana County jail.

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