Woman believes her stolen car is being used for other crimes

Car theft

CONVERSE, Texas -- The search is on in Bexar County after a unique car theft. A Converse woman believes her stolen car, is now being used to commit even more crimes in the area.

"In the middle of the night, I didn't hear a thing, they just took it,” said Marlene Schaff who had her vehicle stolen this week. "I never in a million years thought, that this is something that could happen."

Schaff insists her 2004 dark green Ford Explorer had been locked right outside her home Tuesday night. However, when she went to use it Wednesday morning, it was gone.

“Without a doubt yes, I know for a fact it was locked,” Schaff told us. "I started walking up and down my neighborhood with my clicker, and I thought maybe somebody was playing a joke on me.”

For nearly two days, Schaff was left without any clues as to who had her car. Then, Friday morning a friend shared with her a video, of she believes is her car. In the surveillance footage, a man is visible wearing gloves, looking inside other cars. Schaff believes her vehicle is now being used to commit other crimes. However, we had to blur his face in this story, because he doesn’t actually commit and crime on camera.

"It feels kind of violating,” said Schaff. “That's my stuff, my car, you're just making yourself right at home. Taking it and using it for things that are bad."

Schaff says her children are afraid the people responsible will return. However, Schaff wrote a message on her front door, warning the culprits that she’s armed and ready.

"Just come back, and bring my car,” said Schaff. “Don't try to go into my house though, because it's not going to end well."

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