Woman charged in baby King Jay Davila case jumped in bathroom of jail

Woman charged in baby King Jay case jumped in bathroom of jail

One of the family members charged in the baby King Jay Davila case was jumped last week by three inmates in a bathroom.

Angie Torres, 45, was given the option to be placed in protective custody before she was jumped Jan. 9 but she declined and chose to go into the general population. Torres was arrested Jan. 6 for an aggravated robbery arrest.

Officials said the three inmates who jumped her were placed under emergency management intensive supervision and relocated. Torres signed a letter to be placed into protective custody after she was attacked.

One of the others charged in the case, Beatrice Sampayo, is in protective custody and staying in the infirmary due to a medical condition.

Officials said one inmate admitted to spitting on Sampayo as Sampayo was being escorted from her cell in the infirmary. Sampayo declined to press charges.

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