Woman comes forward with allegations against two BCSO deputies

A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by one sheriff's deputy and harassed for months by another is sharing her story.

SAN ANTONIO- A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by one sheriff's deputy and harassed for months by another is sharing her story.

“He wanted to feel my skin next to his skin. That's what he said,” the woman said.

The woman who we are not identifying claims it was the start to a situation she never imagined she'd be in. She says more than a year ago two Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies showed up at her house for a welfare check while she was sick. She claims both of the deputies entered her home and asked if she was okay.

“I was very thankful for that. I didn't think. It was like wow very nice sheriff department to care that much for people to do that,” the woman said.

It was moments later she says when one of the deputies allegedly started behaving inappropriately towards her. She says the other deputy left.

“I was laying on my couch so he was sitting at the other end of my couch and was rubbing my feet. (He) told me that he would not leave until he would make sure I was okay. Being on the couch was not okay, the bedroom was more comfortable,” the woman said.

She claims shortly after the deputy allegedly had sex with her.

“He started rubbing my legs I was wearing shorts and I just told him, I kept saying stop no let's not, this is not right just stop and he removed his pants,” the woman said.

She says the next day the other deputy returned to her house.

“He pulled over and says I came to check on you I just want to make sure you're doing okay,” the woman said.

She claims he allegedly kept making unwanted visits and harassed her for months.

“He was coming almost every day. I would say maybe 5 to 6 times a week and always on patrol,” the woman said.

It cost her to change her number and find a new place to live.

“I moved. Once I moved I changed my number and he found me on Facebook and started like baby when am I going to see you? Am I going to see you again are you going to tell me where you live are you ever going to give me your new number?” the woman said.

Bexar county sheriff Javier Salazar says right now, the allegations made against both deputies are being investigated. Fox San Antonio is not naming the deputies because they've not been charged with a crime.

“We need to look at each case on its own merits. What are the allegations, what's known to us, what can we prove?” said Sheriff Salazar.

Now this woman wishes she had contacted authorities’ sooner.

“From the very first time because life has been hell for me. They didn't just take my body, mentally they have pretty much tortured me,” the woman said.

She says what allegedly happened to her should've never lasted as long as it did and hopes other victims come forward.

“If you don't report it they believe that it's okay to come and do it again and it gets hard to report because it feels like you participated even though you didn't,” the woman said.

Sheriff Salazar says the two men are on administrative leave while these claims are investigated.

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