Woman pleads guilty to murder of San Antonio officer; Sentenced to life in prison

Jenevieve Ramos pleads guilty in death of SAPD officer Bobby Deckard.PNG

A woman who was accused of driving the getaway car the night Officer Bobby Deckard was shot and killed in 2013 has pleaded guilty to a charge of capital murder.

Jenevieve Ramos offered her guilty plea in an Atascosa County courtroom on Monday.

Several members of Officer Bobby Deckard's family were in the court for this moment. There is a sense of relief and closure after 5 years.

As a result, Ramos will spend the rest of her life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years.

It was in early December of 2013 when Officer Deckard was chasing suspect Shaun Ruiz Puente from San Antonio into Atascosa County. Ramos was driving. The two were being chased after robbing a string of convenience stores.

During the pursuit, Puente fired shots at officers. One bullet went through the windshield of Deckard's cruiser and hit him in the head. He died 13 days later.

After sentencing — the judge commended the family of Officer Decker on their strength and decorum in the courtroom.

“The family of Officer Decker are amazing people, really good people, they are very loving and they have the right to be angry at the situation but instead of anger they’re choosing love and that’s a testament to the type of person to Officer Bobby Deckard, was the family that I was raised him, and that’s a testament to the community in South Texas," said Doug Greene, San Antonio Police Department officer.

Puente was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison last year.

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