Woman replaces stolen wheelchair for boy with cerebral palsy


SAN ANTONIO, TX - On Friday, we told you about 13-year-old Bryant Cortez.

He has cerebral palsy and last week he inspired a community with his personality.

We only got the chance to meet him because his wheelchair was stolen from the family's pick up.

His mother Cynthia was desperate to find it as she cannot afford to buy him a new one.

"He's been at the house ever since," Cortez said.

Three days later and she's at a medical goods store in San Antonio.

Waiting for a woman who has a solution to their problems.

This is Wendy, she's going to buy the chair Bryant is sitting on.

Bryant is crying too, but this time, happy tears.

"His sweet face, it just tugged at me," Wendy said.

Wendy said she had to help Bryant after watching our piece on Friday.

"I'm just glad I could help him," Wendy said.

What she see's in him is also what she see's in her nephew Joshua.

He also has cerebral palsy.

"I can't imagine him being stuck on the couch," Wendy said. "Or not being able to move around or do anything."

Bryant who's a Special Olympian is back outdoors.

With a new wheelchair and friend by his side.

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