Woman says man stalked her while shopping in Stone Oak area


A San Antonio woman is warning shoppers about a suspicious man who followed her around Stone Oak.

First, she was inside Target on N Loop 1604 when the man began walking around the store near her.

"I noticed that there was a guy just lingering and he got closer and closer. He uncomfortably close," said Alexandria Howard.

From the pharmacy to the woman's clothing section, the same man followed her. He did not have a cart and did not appear to actually be shopping.

"He just kept on following and he made it apparent to make eye contact with me," said Howard.

It made her so uncomfortable that she decided to leave.

Her husband was waiting outside in the car. She told him about the encounter and they left Target.

Their next stop was H-E-B.

"The next time thing I know, she's running up to me in the food aisle saying he's following me again," said her husband, Randy Morin.

The same suspicious man appeared again. He was staring at Howard.

"At this point, I'm like no, this is too strange. You know, he apparently followed me from point A to point B," said Howard.

Her husband called police and notified the H-E-B manager about the incident.

He posted a picture of the man to Facebook and others commented that they experienced a similar situation with him.

"Two of her friends reached out to us that he fits the description of a guy that followed them around the store," said Morin.

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