Woman warns neighbors about what she calls a dangerous dog

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A local woman is sounding the alarm on a dangerous dog to try and keep others safe.

The worried woman says the pit-bull mix has already attacked several small pets in her south-west side neighborhood.

Mary Ann Zigler said, "I want the dog out of the neighborhood before it kills or mames somebody."

Zigler says a pit-bull mix, has been terrorizing this south-west side neighborhood; aggressively chasing other animals both cats and small dogs.

"This animal is obviously vicious," Zigler said. "It's hunting people's pets for sport."

And it's not traveling alone.

Neighbors say the black and white dog is running in a pack with her two small pups.

"I was terrified," Zigler said.

She says the larger dog has already snapped at a woman with two small children.

"I saw them from my front porch as the dog ran out and attempted to snap at the child," Zigler recounted. "The neighbor ran out with his rake and was hitting the dog, while the woman grabbed her children and ran down the street."

She says the dog jumped her back yard fence with its eyes set on her cat.

"It's not like he was roaming the streets or going into other people's yards," Zigler said. "He was in our yard."

Her cat died from its injuries; so did the neighbors cat attacked by the same black dog.

"I'm concerned about the safety of kids walking back and forth to school. There's children who live on this street, play on this street. I have a child."

Animal Care Services confirms at least two reports have been filed about the dog in question.

Zigler says she even got a confirmation letter.

"We actually send that letter out as a service to make sure the complainant understands we have received it, we are taking action on it," said Shannon Sims, Chief Field Operations Officer with Animal Care Services.

"A letter isn't going to replace my cat," Zigler said. "A letter isn't going to save a child's arm or leg or face or life."

So far this year ACS has gotten 29-thousand reports of aggressive animals.

The agency has limited resources and responds based on priority, and threat level.

Zigler said, "If this dog is a known killer and it's already running after people and barking and snapping at people, how much longer is it going to be before it kills a child."

ACS plans to send a field officer to check things out.

Meantime, if you are concerned about a dangerous dog in your neighborhood they say to dial 311 and be sure to provide as much information about the animal as you can.

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