Immigrant with dying husband citizenship case pushed back

Immigrant with dying husband citizenship case pushed back. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Thousands of immigration cases are on hold in San Antonio as we head into day 21 of the government shutdown.

There is already a backlog of immigration cases in the tens of thousands.

That's only going to get worse with more cases on hold during the shutdown, according to an immigration attorney.

Maria Campos came to the US in 1999 on a visitor visa.

She said she moved here from Mexico looking for opportunity then fell in love and married her husband Geronimo, a US citizen.

For nine years now, she's been trying to gain citizenship through the courts.

Just a couple of months ago, her husband Geronimo was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Campos said if he dies before her case is reviewed, the chance of becoming a US citizen is slim to none.

"Her husband is dying," immigration attorney Lance Curtright said. "And part of the reason we think she can get her green card in the United States requires her husband to be alive."

Campos's attorney, Curtright said she's in a race against time.

"That's why we are trying desperately to get her case in front of a judge," Curtright said. "The problem is, the court isn't open for business because they are not funded."

A painful waiting game for Campos as she and her attorney hope the shutdown ends quickly.

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