'Year in a Day Fun-raiser' held for 3-year-old girl fighting cancer

3-year-old Auria sits inside a fire truck with her mother and father nearby (KABB/FOX SAN ANTONIO)

Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, and the Easter Bunny were all present today - to give 3-year-old Auria Eve a special celebration. She's been fighting a rare form of Leukemia since she was a baby, and last month, she was placed into hospice care. So, family and friends wanted her to experience a day in the life of a normal 3-year-old. Thus, the 'Year in a Day Fun-raiser' idea came together.

"I want them to be able to have one more year of memories with her. This is what we've given her. We had Santa. She sat on Santa's lap. We had the Easter bunny. She was able to trick-or-treat with the basket that we gave her," said Rina Grona, who helped organize the celebration.

If you want to help Auria's family with expenses for her, please CLICK HERE.

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