Marshal's Most Wanted: Jose Espinoza

(Photo by: U.S. Marshal's Service)

U.S. Marshals need your help to find Jose Espinoza. According to Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Bozeman, Espinoza is wanted after he allegedly assaulted someone, evaded arrest and outstanding drug charges.

"In June 2006, Espinoza was sentenced to 360 months in a Federal prison on charges involving Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine," said Bozeman.

Because of the charges involving Conspiracy and Possession to Distribute Cocaine, he was also ordered to serve 5 years of supervised release.

"Espinoza allegedly violated the conditions of his supervised release, because he was arrested by local police officers for allegedly driving while intoxicated, but was subsequently released on bond," said Bozeman.

Espinoza has since stopped reporting to his probation officer and his last known address was on the West Side of town.

He has an identifiable tattoo on his right arm. Espinoza also has an extensive criminal history which includes Assault on a Public Servant, Evading Arrest and multiple drug charges.

41 year-old Jose Espinoza is 5'7 and weighs 260 pounds

If you have more information on this fugitive , you are asked to call the Lonestar Fugitive Task Force at 210-657-8500... and remember fugitives can't hide from Fox San Antonio viewers.

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