Burglar breaks into woman's home, leaves behind pornographic pics and DNA

Burglar leaves behind pics and DNA (Photo: KTVT / CNN Newsource)

Police in Rowlett, near Dallas, are looking for a man who broke into a woman's home, rifled through her belongings and then used her camera to take pornographic pictures of himself.

If that wasn't bad enough, investigators say the pervert left behind a sexually-explicit message and something described as "DNA."

"I feel really bad for her, it's just too close to home. This poor girl is going to be terrorized for a long time," said one neighbor.

Police are asking neighbors to check their surveillance cameras for any clues about the suspect. In the meantime, neighbors fear the man will be back.

"One of my daughters, she loves walking the dog, and I don't know that I will allow her to do that by herself until this person is caught."

No arrests have been made in the case.

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